Monday, December 21, 2009

How is smoking harmful?

----------Every puff of smoke a smoker inhales into his lungs, the higher the chances of getting lung cancer and many other related diseases, such as liver and kidney disorder and even the potential of developing benign tumour in the body cells. The smoke contains toxins and chemical substances, mainly carcinogens. Carcinogens are dangerous chemical because once inhaled into the body's immune system, it replenishes the cells giving it more energy and thus, increases one's metabolism rate. Beneficial at first, carcinogens do more good than harm. In long term, carcinogens pose dangerous risk of mutating normal cells into cancer cells, which will eventually destroy other healthy cells in the body. Thus, smoking should always be the last option because the effects are tremendously disastrous not only to smokers but people around them as well. The effects of smoking range from burning away money and killing other innocent non-smokers. However, smokers have different perception on smoking because they believe that the benefits of smoking far outweigh the harm it does, by providing a sense of relaxation and releasing stress.

----------Smoking is bad habit because it burns away the hard-earned money. Smokers tend to be addicted after having few smokes of cigarettes because of the presence of a chemical inside the ingredients of a cigarette. A study has shown that a normal person who smokes usually spend one fifth of his salary on cigarettes a month. In addition, many cases of broken families are also closely related to smoking issues. The amount spent on dozens of boxes of cigarettes to satisfy the addiction can actually be spend wisely on bringing up the family by supporting children to schools and colleges, provide proper food with proper nutrition, appropriate shelter and clothing. These basic needs should be fulfilled in a family before burning the hard-earned money by smoking which indirectly causes poverty and broken families in many societies. Thus, smoking is definitely a habit to be avoided because it burns away the hard-earned money.

----------On the other hand, smoking can be so dangerous that it is able to kill other non-smokers around them. Smokers inhale the smoke from the cigarettes and exhale another kind of smoke, called a second-hand smoke. When a smoker enters a particular vicinity and smokes, upon leaving the area, the smoker left behind a scent of smoke which is the second-hand smoke. Although second-hand smoke is not as dangerous as the original smoke inhaled by the smokers, it still poses similar dangers and effects to people who unintentionally exhale it. Lung cancer, kidney and liver disorder which initially are the diseases capable of infecting the smokers are now capable of infecting the non-smokers as well. Indirectly, non-smokers who come into contact with smokers pose greater risk of developing these deadly diseases. Moreover, the existence of third-hand smoke also increases the risk for non-smokers. Smoke attached to furniture, clothes, shirts and other fabric materials are known as third-hand smoke. Hence, the effect of smoking is too extreme because it is capable of taking the lives of even the non-smokers. Smoking brings more harms than benefits because of its disastrous nature but smokers have their stand against the harm that smoking causes and argued that it benefits them greatly.

----------Smokers have different views and ideas on smoking because they are the victims. To them, smoking provides a sense of relaxation and the means of releasing stress and tension. In the male dominated society, men tend to be the breadwinner of the family, carrying the burden of supporting every family member. Thus, they are constantly being exposed to stress and tension at workplace and even in their normal interactions in life. Without a proper means of releasing the build up negative energy, men resort to smoking as a means of getting rid of their problems. By smoking, they feel relaxed and at ease, living in their peaceful world free of problems. As time passed, smoking has turned into an addiction, a haven for men where they can have constant self control of themselves and also a tool to show their masculinity. In other words, smoking has sunk deep into their lives, becoming part of them. For smokers, a day without cigarettes to smoke is equivalent to living in hell because of the addiction. Hence, to smokers, smoking benefits them more than they could imagine by providing them a life free of stress and tension, filled with relaxation.

----------In a nutshell, smoking harms the smokers more than it could benefit them but smokers define smoking the other way round, it benefits them more than it harms them. The different perceptions come from the views of smoker and non-smokers. Smokers enjoy the feelings they obtained from smoking regardless of the consequences but non-smokers fear for their lives, fear of contracting the deadly diseases and fear of death. Therefore, it depends on the majority voice of the society and also the government on the degree of harmfulness of smoking. In my point of view, I believe smoking is harmful not only to humans but to the environment as well.

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