Thursday, March 18, 2010

For a Better Tomorrow

I thought about it.
Those of you who are frequent readers of the blog, feel free to share your problems and I will share with you my experience and how to tackle it rather than being concern about it.

" Life is not about changing who you are but rather being who you really are."
Michael Ch'ng ~ Unimaginable Thoughts.

Another Great Chapter

"Life is not always the game you play, you cannot simply pause; save and load the screen whenever you want." Michael Ch'ng ~ Unimaginable Thoughts

I fell into the deep ocean. Struggling with the huge waves and strong winds, I persevere, trying my best to swim even though I knew I hardly move in the water. Too exhausted, I felt extremely breathless. Cut out of oxygen and the difficulty to breathe, I surrender to mother nature. For the moment I thought, 'How could I give up my life so easily?' Even though many things do happen, it is not always the case that giving up was a good and perfect option. There are many choices out there, waiting for us to pick and resume our normal lives. However, I just seem indifferent among those choices available, I cannot decide whether to continue struggling for my own life or to just give it up. I am tired, tired of trying, tired of being good.

"Today, I finally realize how pathetic humans are. Nobody is worth a penny."
Michael Ch'ng ~ The Book of Thoughts.

Somehow, I do not think that people would go to certain extent to achieve something when they meet the end of the road, a dead-end. But I was just so wrong about it. The desire to find a way-out in the most simplest manner by discarding the most important factor in themselves, self-consciousness. It seems everyone will tend to be who they truly are only when desperate times call. In fact, I despise them but a lot of us are categorized in this portion of humanity; selfishness. It could be a never ending curse for humanity. As lives proceed, we tend to be selfish in order to achieve our own goal; to get what we wanted to the extent of sacrificing other people. I truly would not believe if I had not experienced it myself.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


The tour to cake and pastry section. Here we have various types of cakes, including tarts, 'kuai ling gou', etc.

The head of a lobster signifies the grand-ish of this pure lobster-salad coated with fresh mayonnaise.

Tour to the seafood section.

Variety of small plates Japanese cuisine: One of my favorite, 'part' raw eggs served with Japanese style.

Other small plates cuisine: Baby octopus served with sweet spicy sauce. Etc.

Oyster!! Defined to be one of the most expensive Japanese cuisine, served raw and fresh; either eaten raw or for some, a little drop of lemon juice would be best.

Cod fish! Also one of the grand-ish cuisine in Tenji (Recommended to try it out). P/S: We ordered 15 plates of it!

Steam/Burned crab served best when it is hot. Enjoy it!

P/S: Häagen-Dazs ice-creams are available (at most 6 flavors), Kindori and Baskin Robins too.

Friday, March 12, 2010

A day's lesson

I walk the streets of Earth just like every other mortal does; I strive and work my ass off, though not to that extreme, just like every other mortal too. I doubt how reliable this would be, knowing the extent of my capabilities; I tried not to be the worst but I turn out to be one after all. What a life I had to make my life a complete failure.
Quoted by Michael Ch'ng 2010 ~Unimaginable Thoughts~

You and I are the same being, but what separates us makes us a different being.
Quoted by Michael Ch'ng 2010 ~Unimaginable Thoughts~

I've noticed how far I've traveled; But today, I realized that nothing makes sense anymore. Everything is just an empty piece of paper, waiting to be scribbled on and finally being cast away. Is it not that kind of life that we are living in now?
Quoted by Michael Ch'ng 2010 ~Unimaginable Thoughts~