Monday, December 21, 2009

Gender Inequality - Academic Writing

In this era of gender inequality, women have transcended their passive self and have asserted their rights to enter all male dominant field including the army and navy. Take a position on this issue and argue whether woman should be involved in the army.

----------Looking seductive and elegant parading the streets and rocking the road with their high heels, they walk as equal amongst the male community. In today's society, women are no longer treated as a weaker species but they are given much more opportunities for education and employment than ever before. Women are no longer caged in the house performing dull house-chores and babysitting. Instead, they obtain their rightful freedom and venture out to the male dominated society competing against men only to be acknowledged as their counterparts. Their courage and actions are applaudable but their struggle to alter the society's mindset that men are always a status higher than women often meet a stumbling block. This essay argues on whether women should be involved in the military sector.

---------- Very often, women are perceived as being physically unfit and not built for military sector because the term military is always associated with physical endurance and strength. Back in history, the army and navy profession are strictly a male's job due to strict and tough training programme. For instance, jungle trekking, mountain climbing and sea rescue requires much more endurance than any women can handle. Although some people may disagree with this theory but the society has long stereotyped the military sector to be a male field. As a results, it continued to be until today. Imagine a women spending most of her time in the sea adapting to the rough sea condition and unpredictable weather, she who possessed female characteristics are much more vulnerable to dangers, physically and mentally compared to men. Thus, there is no doubt that women are less suitable to enrol themselves in the military sector because they are not as capable as men.

----------Other than that, women are also being labeled emotionally unfit because of their inability to control and suppress their emotions, which made them weaker and vulnerable. On the battlefield, death are unavoidable. There will always be the wounded, the blind, the paralyzed and the ones incapable of even performing simply task of eating and drinking. Too frequent exposure to this environment will undoubtedly leave a scar in their mind as the situation is psychologically disturbing. Without doubt, it greatly affects one's emotions whether man or woman. Nevertheless, men are capable of suppressing their feelings and this is what earned their positions in the military and at the front line of the battlefield. Although many claims that women have better self-control but it is always the case where women shed tears for failing to control their emotions. It can be concluded that men are slightly better than women in concealing their emotions during hardships and that women are emotionally unfit to be in the military. Hence, being physically and emotionally fit, men are always one step ahead of women in these fields though to some extent, women sometimes lead the path of glory.

----------Unlike men who always emphasized of strength and physical endurance, women are more delicate and committed to their jobs. From a research, it is known that women have greater finger agility than men. By blending women into the military sector, the can opt for medical positions such a doctors, medics and nurses. Instead of carrying the role as fighter, they tend the wounded, playing the healing role. Furthermore, it is believed that the presence of opposite gender in the battlefield indirectly increases the army's morale. Until today, the reasons have yet to be discovered. Therefore, women should be given a chance to participate in the military sector and should be cleared from the discrimination of not being able to contribute to the country and people. Though physically and emotionally unfit, women are much more delicate and committed in their profession.

---------- In a nutshell, the participation of women into the military sector depends on the discretion of the society whether to abolish the traditional mindset of keeping women as housewives or by granting them freedom to choose their future. From my point of view, I believe that the battlefield is no place for women, and thus only men should be granted access to battlefield.

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