Sunday, March 15, 2009

March 15, 2009

I believe the best thing in this world is to be able to stay close to a person whom you loved. Perhaps, others might regard this oppositely. For people with a sense of money, of course the best thing is to get rich and finally, the richest in the world. Those with sense of materiality will perhaps keep purchasing without limits. How about those with sense of education? Will they be studying all day and night long, burning midnight oil? Well, that is for you to judge.

I envy those who could spend without worrying much about pocket money. They just need to ask more from their parents when their pockets are dry. They buy whatever they want, whatever they desire and whatever they feel is a matching to them. Such an attitude comes with a lesson to be learned at the end of the day.

It is undeniable that money is an important tool nowadays. Without it, one will never survive in this "money world." Without a single penny in your drawer, you will never be entitled for anything, not even a slightest of mercy unless you are willing to beg for money. However, that should never be in our thoughts. Failures are not death. They do not signify the end of the world. There is always a route back to where you started from and though it is tiresome to begin the journey from scratch, it is the best possible option. Learn to overcome failure and regard it as guidance. No man will always be successful. Learn from your mistakes.

Learn to treasure those you loved and do not disappoint them. Never leave a scar in their heart too deep, as it will develop to become hatred and vengeance.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Mixed Feelings

Today, my world is going merry-go-round. I just don't have a single clue for the happening. I was supposed to 'hang out' with my buddies today which I did not attend to because I do not feel right about myself today. Since yesterday night, my feelings got mixed up.

It has been two months and a week. Until today, I was always on the run, doing something to keep myself occupied. I ignored the consequences. I pushed everything forward. I put myself on a full throttle. However, I could not fill in the blanks for today's time slot. The day is dull and my thoughts fly back to my hometown. I'm missing them - the ones that truly care for me.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

KL City

Well, here I am blogging out my day after a soothing bath. A few friends of mine came down to KL yesterday and today was a sort of an outing for us. Boring! Not the outing, but KL environment. To be able to meet up with my friends was a good thing and I enjoyed the time together but, definitely not the surroundings.

Everything was hell expensive though there were some affordable ones. I just could not figure out why such a fuss of building a perfect structure and spending million on renovations and finally, selling goods with price range over the affordable budgets.

Every single item is in increasing value especially property. The increase is not normal. Well, I have strayed too far from the original content. I'll be writing about it next time.

From Wangsa Maju to KL Sentral and next to Imbi, we arrived at Times Square. It was hell long. Couldn't it be any faster?

At Times Square, we just walked around and had our lunch at McDonalds. Then, we checked out a toy shop selling collectible models of Gundams, Transformers and other anime characters.

Sungai Wang was our next destination but we sort of just passed by and directed ourselves to Pavilion. Again, we walked around, doing windowshopping and they bought some stuffs. My digital watch showed 6.15 p.m. at that time.

It was time to part. Not a complete sad moment. We'll still be meeting each other. Hope that next time, when we meet, everyone should be doing great.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Story of My Life - 5th Mac 2009

It has been two months. It is not short or a long period of time. Perhaps, still not suitable to conclude that everything is completely fine over here. Though, I agree I have no complaints and I have been adapting quite well in this new environment.

I came to realize that there are many chores to perform in just 24 hours alone. Seriously, time is a factor to consider here. Before that, 24 hours is more than enough for everything and the excess hours are just simply irrelevant. However, 24 hours a day is a universal agreement. There is no changes to it regardless of any circumstances.

Today, I was in a meeting with HOD (Head of Departments) of Mathematical Sciences together with my class rep and AM (Applied Mathematics) course rep. Well, to describe the entire scene, it was weird to begin with. We were actually supposed to throw our comments on the lecturers credibility and also the tutors. However, none of us made and bad complaints about them.

Frankly speaking, there is nothing no complain. The lecturers are great and they know their subjects well. They cannot be looking into each and every students academic performances. It is university level. Hence, you have to put more faith in yourself. Know thyself, don't lose yourself.

Talking about weather, it rains frequently here. Talking about food, I miss Penang. Well, in the movie 'Spiderman', Uncle Ben told Peter Parker, 'with great power, comes big responsibility.' In my case, with great food, comes big appetite.