Monday, December 21, 2009

Can 1Malaysia concept take off in the society?

----------A unique country with diverse culture and races, Malaysia has strived to make its name known to the world. Having multiple of races under one roof such as Chinese, Indian, Muslim and other minority races prove Malaysia as a multicultural society whereby different ethnic groups can retain and practice their subcultures. It is therefore consistent with the environment of Malaysia that our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak introduced the concept of 1Malaysia. This concept brings together the society as a whole, forms them into a team regardless of their races and ethnicity to achieve one common objective. Though its implementation has yet to manifest, the concept of 1Malaysia is seen to bring about abundant benefits to the society, mainly foster national unity and enhances economic growth in the society. However, some minority groups have different perception on the concept and thus, refuse to acknowledge the benefits it brings. Instead they see the concept as empowering the influences of certain races.

----------Undoubtedly, by bringing the society together, 1Malaysia concept can foster national unity among the different races in Malaysia. Although there are still riots and demonstration on issues regarding races, the introduction of 1Malaysia concept has slowly altered the mind of many who stereotype their own race into a neutral zone, whereby they start to accept other races into their lives. In school, seeds of patriotism are being planted in younger generations by teaching of history, civics and social studies in their formal curriculum. Besides that, the concept of 1Malaysia also encourages participation of different races into non-academic activities, especially sports and recreation. Sports are the perfect tool to bring together many races, to cooperate together within a team, to achieve a single goal. On special occasions such as festivals, open house brings together many races to celebrate a festival regardless of races. For example, during Hari Raya AidilFitri, non-Muslim such as Indian and Chinese can be seen flocking the open house festival together with the Muslims to celebrate the joyful occasion. Thus, the concept of 1Malaysia has successfully foster national unity among majority of Malaysians even though there are still minorities that simply enjoy to go against the norm in the society. 1Malaysia can definitely foster national unity among many races in Malaysia.

----------Moreover, 1Malaysia concept can enhance economic growth. The aim of 1Malaysia is to bring the nation together to achieve a common goal. A few decades ago just after independence, Malaysians are still glued to their own races. The Malays plant paddy in the outskirt and kampung, the Chinese involves themselves in mining activities and some small business while the Indians are grouped together in rubber estates. Today with the implementation of 1Malaysia concept, no races are subjected to this discrimination of occupations. Everyone is equal and has similar rights in getting employment in various fields. Therefore, many races working together under a single company can definitely boost the growth and profits of the company. Similarly, many races working together in a single nation can boost the economic growth as they form a single entity. Hence, the Malaysian economic system can definitely outgrow itself to a higher standard with cooperation of multiple races.

----------Although the concept of 1Malaysia has bring about abundant benefits to society in terms of social unity and economic growth, it is still far from perfect as it empowers the influences of a particular race. In political field, there has been a stereotype to one race that holds power and authority. Even though other races are given the opportunity to engage in the political field as well as assisting in the government associations, there are only a small percentage of them. The concept of 1Malaysia that upholds the value of unity and cooperation among different races fails to manifest in the political field. Many corruptions and money laundry are being associated with these people of authority and most of them have similar race. Yet, no stern actions are being taken by the government immediately. In addition, the concept of 1Malaysia urges other races to accept the special rights and privileges own by one particular race in Malaysia. In this situation, the concept of 1Malaysia fails because in bringing the races together, members are to accept each others differences and special rights without any doubts, even if the particular race stands above other races by taking all the benefits from the government. Hence, 1Malaysia is far from reaching its goal as it empowers the influences of a particular race.

----------In a nutshell, the pros of 1Malaysia concept outweigh the cons. Although the concept excels in the social and economic factors, it fails to take into consideration the political factor. The concept is definitely worth applauding because it helps to generate a feeling of unity among the various races and indirectly enhances the country's economic sector to a wider horizon. Despite the benefits, harms tag along and it depends on the society to reach a consensus whether to accept 1Malaysia or to alienate it. As for me, I am definitely supporting the concept because I believe chances are created. Therefore, 1Malaysia concept should be given more time to reveal its true potential because it is rather early to reach a consensus.

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