Monday, December 21, 2009

Failure - Introduction

----------Failure. The word itself is so profound but different people see failure in a completely different perspective. Very often, failure is associated with defeat, the inability to rise from a deep fall and the complete humiliation that comes from it. This group of people perceive failure negatively in such a way that failure is the doomsday. The encounter with failure ends with total destruction of lives and even their future. To them, failure is not just an obstacle. It is more than a just a stumbling block, it is more than just a hindrance, it is the boundary between life and death. Furthermore, their obsession with failure has led them nowhere and they are forever trapped inside their world where failure rules over their mind. For some people, failure is nothing but just a life's norm. This group sees failure in a different manner. To them, failure is a part of their lives but they tend to be ignorant and treat it lightly because they fail to grab the real meaning of failure. Hence, their lives are monotonous and dull. On the other hand, only some minorities in the society define failure to be the beginning of every life's event. To them, failure is common in life. Everytime they stumble upon failure, they have to comprehend the meaning behind its existence in that particular event, the causes and effects that it brings. Failing to comprehend every aspect of failure will eventually lead to ignorance. Nonetheless, the definition of failure is not limited and it varies from one individual to another. Where people go, success and failure clash but only one will emerge victorious.


  1. then how will you confront your failure?

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