Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Walk of Life

Looking at the science of the ceiling fan, I imagined how life can be at such pace. Everything seems too simple but it is the simplicity that makes it complicated.
How far have you walk your life?
A question to be asked and to be answered.
Back then, a child was born to this world. Then, the child grew to become a fine young teenager. Perhaps not as fine as we perceive the child would be; it is a matter of time before the child became polluted with the sins of the society. How nasty! Perhaps again, the child was blessed to become a scholar. Perhaps, not meant to be a scholar but a business figure. Perhaps the worst it can be, the child in the teenage life grew to become parents.
This is the walk of life.
Never meant to be too easy and never meant to be too hard.
What life brings to us, is something memorable, worth treasuring. But to some extent, it does not always taste sweet.
Balance must exists.
Life is not too cruel but it can be horrible. It does not take much to wound a person's heart. Again. It does not take much to even grab a pinch of salt and rub it on the wound. Here we are living in a selfish world, filled with fake smiles and faces, with sinister intentions and with self-fulfilling goals and prophecy.
This is the walk of life.
Trying too hard and you will end up being a jerk. Giving up and you will end up being given a second chance. What logic is behind? Perhaps the world has much to learn, but we have much to learn from life.
This is the walk of life.
Treasure the moment. Treasure your life and the soul you are meant to be.