Saturday, July 11, 2009

Second Chance

Have you ever wondered whether you made the right choices/decisions in life? Or have you been blaming yourself over the decision you made few years back and regretted living the life at present. What will you do if you were given a chance to go back and re-live that life? Though it sounds absurd but there are some logic behind it.

When you realize that your life is a failure, you blame everyone, especially those around you. Those people close to you. However, you never take a good look at yourself. It is you who made that particular decision because you were once given a chance to choose and you have chosen. The path might not be as good as the other one but it does not mean that your life would be better by taking that road.

Will you re-live your life if you were given a chance? I believe the answer is yes. But you will soon realize that your present life is too precious to give away because every moment counts. Their impacts are such tremendous in a way you can never imagine. Your memories are your treasures. So, always keep them close to you. These memories of yours, your childhood, your birthdays, your parents, your love life - they do not come often and some, you can only experience it once in your lifetime.

For those parents out there, I believe this is part your experience, and nothing can be more precious than seeing your own flesh being born into this world.

"The first moment when you hold your baby, and you didn't know anything can be so small so delicate and you feel the tiny heartbeat, and you know that you couldn't love anything more than the whole world. And hope that you can do right and always be there to catch her/him when she/he falls and nothing ever hurts her/him - broken arms, bad dreams, broken heart. "

Quoted from "17 Again"