Thursday, May 26, 2011

Letting Go

It's a miracle how people can let go of things they fond of - be it a relationship or things they really treasure. How life can be so ironic when they actually fell in love at first sight; and tomorrow it turns sour.
What could be the catalyst?
What is the reason behind the shift of events?
Nobody actually knows.
There could be millions of reasons behind a single event. Perhaps, it just happens to be a coincidence. Perhaps, it is the nature of human being. Or perhaps, it is fate.
The illogical sense of humanity just do not fit in the picture anymore.
What the reality brings is not about the truth but the feelings. "Within a soul, what matters is how you feel for them and not how they feel for you." As much as we are denying this fact, it slowly finds it way into the 'truth' for humanity. Contradicting but to be exact, it just happens.
People always say that, "Life is about letting go." But what is there to let go, when you already let go in the first place. There is no meaning to the phrase. If it is that easy to let go, then you can see how meaningless it could be. In fact, letting go is the hardest things in life. No matter how much I hold back, tears will always be there.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Walk of Life

Looking at the science of the ceiling fan, I imagined how life can be at such pace. Everything seems too simple but it is the simplicity that makes it complicated.
How far have you walk your life?
A question to be asked and to be answered.
Back then, a child was born to this world. Then, the child grew to become a fine young teenager. Perhaps not as fine as we perceive the child would be; it is a matter of time before the child became polluted with the sins of the society. How nasty! Perhaps again, the child was blessed to become a scholar. Perhaps, not meant to be a scholar but a business figure. Perhaps the worst it can be, the child in the teenage life grew to become parents.
This is the walk of life.
Never meant to be too easy and never meant to be too hard.
What life brings to us, is something memorable, worth treasuring. But to some extent, it does not always taste sweet.
Balance must exists.
Life is not too cruel but it can be horrible. It does not take much to wound a person's heart. Again. It does not take much to even grab a pinch of salt and rub it on the wound. Here we are living in a selfish world, filled with fake smiles and faces, with sinister intentions and with self-fulfilling goals and prophecy.
This is the walk of life.
Trying too hard and you will end up being a jerk. Giving up and you will end up being given a second chance. What logic is behind? Perhaps the world has much to learn, but we have much to learn from life.
This is the walk of life.
Treasure the moment. Treasure your life and the soul you are meant to be.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


When all those paperworks piled up on your desk in the office; the clock struck exactly at 6 in the evening and you are sitting there, working on your task, to be submitted early tomorrow morning. The worst thing that could have happened was, today was the last day of the weekdays and you promised to meet your friends out for a drink at the nearest club. That is adulthood, the career age or what I would call, the day when you wish that you could have gone back to the university life, learning and completing assignments and tutorials and be back home whenever you feel like doing so.

Disregard of commitments and responsibility, everything in the campus was fine to the extent when finals were far beyond imagination. Working is a completely different lives, when you need to think much more than what was needed back in the class, when you need to spend more time analyzing rather than searching for solutions through friends or online, when you need to work overtime to complete unfinished task when you can just copy tutorials and assignment answers from your friends when it due the next morning. The mechanism is not much of a difference between working and studying. It works the same way, but it requires much more commitment and responsibility than mere understanding. Yet, comparing, learning is a forever routine that can never stops. Thus, it is wiser to conclude that, working incorporates learning as well, in other words, studying, self-learning to improve yourself further.

Take it from me seems like illogical. What does a student, on internship knows about working and studying? It would better if you get some advice from your old folks at home with much more experience. Yet, I am a student, I am viewing myself from the point of view of every student. Some has yet to grasp the feeling of working, but some has a gotten a feel of it. Some like it very much, some despise it, some are indifferent about it and some just do it because, "Life is like that."

It pretty much a nuisance for us interns to be associated with working life as we are just novice, learning the basic culture of working, to respect and to be injected with the office affairs. We are trying to get some experience, something to learn before our graduation and perhaps trying to understand the scope of degree, whether what we are studying is compatible with what we will be doing. Some people manage to lock on their interest and some, barely makes a move. It does not matter how we do things and it does not matter how people look at you, what matters is how you carry yourself in the near future, how you associate yourself with the cruelty of the world, how you bring yourself up to the highest peak of the mountain, and more importantly, how you judge yourself before you learn how to judge your friends.

Adulthood is something to be proud of, to signify that you have attained the level of maturity, and able to walk independently on your own. However, it is not a status, not something to be used for your own sake. Not everyone will be proud of their adulthood but I do believe that they will always learn to make it better. Time and tide waits for no man, but adulthood is there for every single being, waiting to torched forever in the hearts of every person.

The Day When you Realize that, "Life is like that."

I have pretty much kept everything to myself since the start of the internship period. Nothing much have been spilled out and perhaps that is the best thing to do. Letting people in my lives and allowing them to go out of my lives were not simple and being one of the person that was trying to stay sane most of the time, makes things even harder. But life has to go on.
People always claim that we have to move on in lives. Dump the bad memories behind and live a new life ahead. Could that be as simple as the word coming out from the mouth of the person who was trying to clarify the matters happening in the world? Perhaps, it is always the case for them.
The past has always been wanting to interfere with the future. It is always contradicting, passive and somehow rewarding. Nevertheless, the weight of benefits that it brings constantly varies. The dark side of human beings and the good side of it can never coexist. One can be as good as a scholar but never a skilled hunter, unless with keen determination and willpower. Lacking one of these criteria, you are just an ordinary human being. Likewise, think of your future, and how it was derived from your past experience. The way you live your lives for the past years, and the constant effect of your steady lives has brought upon today. Judge yourself and judge others, and comprehend the existence of the people around you and learn to make some changes in your lives when it seems dull and full of failure.
The impact, the happening in your lives are somehow there for a reason. The way you deal with matters affecting yourself will bring upon judgment to others. What can you learn, what can you see from others and what can you see in yourself are the things that matter most for now. For lives is not independent, the dependency is great, much more greater than the SARS effect. It works, it expands, it grows, much more faster than the money in the Wall Street drops or goes up.
A quote from a friend of mine, ' Life is like that." Do you agree? Do you comprehend your life? Do you understand the impact of your decision on others? Do you fathom the sadness of others? And that is life to begin with. No matter how many decisions you make, your lives will still be that kind of lives unless you do something to change it.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Day of Independence

The day where our great ancestors bring forth our wisdom and knowledge,we secure our dignity as a country, being able to run on its own people and desire. We travel from the banished land to the land where the democracy rules; democracy reigns; democracy speaks for every mankind. We are fortunate to be able to rule our own country by its own terms and regulations, having free from the dictatorship of our conquerer. What brings forth the ties of various colors in our nation is as simple as getting independence. The promise of freedom, the promise of peace, the promise that each and everyone of us will be treated equally regardless of our different status.

Years of independence has bring forth great achievement.
Today marks the 53rd Independence Day.
Does democracy rules?
Are the promises being kept and held strongly?
I doubt but I would really like to believe.
We strive for peace, we strive to make our country stronger by unifying different races and we strive to uphold the name of Malaysia in our very own hearts.


Today marks the 53rd Independence Day.
And again, I ask the same questions.
I wanted to believe again but I am saddened and horrified.
Unity is just a disguise, a label of peace that barely brings meaning. Our nations are falling apart. Racism has been devouring our mind. We are going against our own people, Malaysians. Should there be any label, it should only be Malaysians. Chinese, Muslims and Indians are the main pillars of the country. Going against one another would not only destroy the country but the people itself.

Think about it.

On the neutral standpoint, it really has nothing to do with the people just the foolish mindset of those who think that they are superior. Talking about history, the origin and the people, it brings no meaning at all. History taught us to be grateful, appreciate our country and people but what certain people did, definitely tarnish the name of history.

None of us own the land, nor the land belongs to anyone of us. A simple mindset brings forward the cowardliness to assume belongings on the land. None of us truly knows, nor does history is a complete justification of our past. Bear in mind that no man is truly superior. The act of racism and humiliating other people or races is not acceptable. Much more to comment, not only citizens are portraying the act of racism, even the higher ups, the one we trusted to be loyal to the regulations, and "Perlembagaan Malaysia." Somehow, the authority given is exploited. The powers given to them are misused. Should we trust them? Should we put our faith in these people? It remains a question to be answered.

Today marks the 53rd Independence Day.
And I ask those in authority.
Who is in the wrong?
Who is to blame?
Does this incident starts for no reason?
Is there only one person to be blamed?

I believe that there is still hope. A hope for for unifying the various races in the country. It is a matter of strengthening the bond of unity and disregard the differences we had. We are the same, we are one. Under 1Malaysia concept, I believe our Prime Minister has made a right choice in implementing this concept. However, do not just display it, do not make it a label, and do not just speak freely the concept without a deep understanding of its consequences. A man that speaks his mind is a great man, a true blessing from heaven but a man that speaks his mind and wanders off, is good for nothing. I hope and I believe that whatever happens will be seriously look into.

Today marks the 53rd Independence Day.
To all races, be strong and stay unified.
To those little rats out there, I do hope that they realize the consequences.

Today marks the 53rd Independence Day.
Happy Independence Day!

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Rusty Gold Coin

What does a rusty gold coin signify?
What implicit meaning could it bring?

To be dependent is not exactly bad because everyone is related in every sense. So, what difference does it conclude? Dependency is a addiction, a drug that pollutes your system. As much as I would like to depend on someone else, I'd rather not. I'd rather put myself in a dire situation than to actually believe in that person's credibility. Even if I do, I could not placed a 100% trust. Perhaps, it is my own defects, my own characteristics that made me this way; I barely put my trust on people. Mainly because I believe that the trust will always be exploited for other usage. Thus, what brings me to this rusty gold coin was just a small event in my life. A gold coin that is supposed to contribute greatly to the person's wealth was no longer valuable. Implicitly, the trust faded. The trust has been exploited and it was not just the first time but few other occasions. Too young and naive perhaps, but I have finally reached a decision on my own. I'd rather be a lone ranger. Hunting on my own, living on my own without the existence of people. Somehow and somewhat, humans are really scary but the scariest thing has yet to be developed. Humans are mysterious. However, their intentions are much more complicated, worse compared to the black hole.

The First Chapter of the Semester

Plentiful things have happened these few months. Somehow, I felt the impact of every tiny little things that appeared in my life as well as those, vanished from my very own eyes. I could not comprehend most of the things but I do try to understand the nature of life.

Time for a reality check. I felt like myself turning into someone, somebody I could barely recognize if I were to compare myself from the day I came into this big city and the person I am today. Be it good or bad, I am in doubt, I am constantly analyzing my behavior and a warning alarm was always ready to be ignited. I do not want evolution. I do not wish to see myself walking out from the circle of society I have build so far. I do not wish to be different. I just wanted a simple life, and soon a wealthy one. But, there are situations where I am indeed yearning for a trial, an experience, a taste of humanity; a taste of what people described as life. I am yearning for those, looking forward for more life exposure. However, as I proceed, I am always surrounded by guilt; engulfed in the flame of fear, surrounded by the laughter of sinisterly evil and wicked souls. I am in much doubt, trying to sustain and control, and perhaps disabling myself would lead to a better outcome. Every single moment, what I did, will always be reviewed and I always regret my own decision but I still proceed with it. Somehow, I am a hypocrite to begin with, but I am very clear of my path, of my life and of my future. Whoever I am does not matter to me. I am everybody - just another person walking down the road in the streets of people.

~Michael Ch'ng~