Friday, June 25, 2010

The Way of Life

It was never an intention; it never cross my thoughts; perhaps it does, I barely remember. Drifting on the water, the boat was forced into the mist - a storm that will soon come to be. Feeling insecure, I grabbed the paddle with all my might and I shoved it into the water which seems like a thick molten lava. Without any aid of vision, I was directly heading for my judgement. Soon, the flow of water froze and the momentum of the boat was halted. Failing to utilize my senses, I am vulnerable to any attacks.
I froze.
Something was not right at the moment. My blood was boiling in fear under the barely lit moonlight. My senses were stolen right in front of me and I stand nothing but a puppet being manipulated. It was the darkest moment; the darkest hour of my life and I could not do a single thing about it. Regret as I was but not before I know what will happen to me, I will not give up.

It pictures what I am, the feeling that lingers inside me, holding my every single breath. A life as you remember is not about having everything, but a few things that are important to you. Perhaps you had not experienced it yet. The river flows, the mountain stood and the world rotates, but do mankind ever listen and pay attention to their surroundings? Learn to observe, learn to give and take but never indulge yourself in an act that detonate the bomb inside you.