Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Dark Side of Human Beings

We are born under the light of heaven, where evils cannot penetrate our innocent souls. However, as we walk the the Earth, we begin to pollute ourselves with sinful and vehement acts. We turn selfish; we develop greed and lust; we kill; we rape; we torture. We loss ourselves in the midst of acquiring power and money. It totally blinded our eyes and souls.
And we walk without visual assistance only to be guided by our own emotions; constantly unstable and vulnerable to evil temptations. Everyday, we seek more power and money. The next day, next week or next year, it goes the same.
We could never grow tired of looking for more, even if it requires sacrifices, we willingly offer them regardless of whatever the conditions would be.
It never suffice.
It never will.
The souls are tainted. The once white cloth, has turned into the ugliest color, that not even light can pierce through the small little fabric. It devours it completely leaving no trace of existence.
The color of damnation.
The color of death.
The color of despair.
Our souls are tainted but there could still be hope for humanity.
No man has ever escape the temptations of devil.


  1. nice blog, feel like reading a story..hehe.

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