Thursday, February 26, 2009


Well, I do not have a clue on what to write. Neither do I have new pictures to post. So, I have been flipping through my picture album and decided to post pictures of my lovely dogs.

He was having his lunch. Rice and meatballs. His favorite perhaps. Though he was no longer able to have it anymore, I hope he is doing well in the other side of the world.

Little guy was playing with the remote. How interesting! He was watching TV and looking out for the remote as well to make sure no one lays his/her hands on it.

Tired after a long day and a lovely dinner. Take care of yourself on the other side. Do not fight over something silly. Know that we will always pray for you and hope that you'll be watching over us.


Water is pouring outside the window now . It has been raining frequently over the past few days. Though it's nice to sleep but sometimes, it's inconvenient. I was 20% wet today. My bag almost soaked but luckily its waterproof inside.

Such weather tempt to lure me to bed and put me to sleep. I fell asleep for a while, just a while on the chair with the laptop still operating. Gosh, I am just so worn out. Lack of sleep perhaps. Well then, I'll just have to sleep early today.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

How was Valentine, guys? I supposed everything went according to the plan. For those who screwed up, better luck next time. Keep today in your diary and remember the moments together. Treasure it and take good care of it.

2. Anyway, Valentine's over. It is 12.15 at present and I am just scribbling before I go to sleep. If you are curious about my Valentine's, I am sorry to disappoint you. In fact, Valentine's just not the suitable thing for me.

3. I locked myself inside the house today, watching TV and studying. Nothing much to write though. So, I guess this will be it for today. Tomorrow will just be a repetition of today. Good night guys and for the owls out there, good morning!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine Eve

Picture by Naduss

Guys, it's Valentine Eve today. I bet, most of the guys are already out there, on the street holding hands with their loved ones. For those waiting to celebrate it tomorrow, good luck with the malls and restaurants. It's time to take and receive.

2. Treat your loved ones to a lovely and romantic dinner. That's what a guy would normally do. However, breakfast or lunch ain't that bad at all. In the end, you'll earn something. Love. I sincerely hope that every couple (no gender bias) will truly enjoy this special day. Let it not be only on Valentine, but every other days as well.

3. Sometimes, love is what we need to move on, to rise and fight against injustice. It is a special feeling that engulfs your heart, just like the 'fire of love'. However, beware of its flame. It is soothing when days are cold. At the same time, it could burn you and leave a scar in your heart for the rest of your lives.

4. Once again, Happy Valentine and I wish all the couples a lasting love and happiness.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Chap Goh Mei

Today is the last day of Chinese New Year, commonly referred to as Chap Goh Mei. Well, I will not be talking about the history nor origin of it.

2. Today sums up to one week since my arrival at KL last Sunday. Well, there is actually nothing to write about my daily routine. I can basically sum my routines; study,tutorials, exercise, gaming and classes. These are what I do everyday and to be exact, a perfect life for another year or two.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Chinese New Year (2)

After few unsuccessful attempts to write on the blog, finally I've gotten a chance today. There are plenty of stuff that I would like it written down, but I think I should complete what is incomplete.

2. I spent the last day in Penang with my schoolmates going around collecting 'angpows'. It was good to be able to gather back after almost a year. However, everyone is still the same back in high school.

3. Too bad I had to leave early that evening to meet up with another batch of schoolmates, Dominic and friends. That night was specially to celebrate Su Qing's (my primary schoolmate) birthday in advance. And guess what, It was my first time dining at Secret Recipe. I had ordered a slice of black forest cake and damn, it tasted good but I was adding more calories.

4. I did not join them for movie and went back after dinner. Well, that was the end of my holidays. The next day, I was on my way down, back to KL.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Chinese New Year

One week long holidays had passed. Once more, I'm back to KL. Back in Penang, Chinese New Year seemed much more pleasant and meaningful. Plenty of foods to fill my empty stomach, red packets to collect (though not many) and meeting up with friends.I do hope that those moments could last at least longer enough to cure my sickness. Though it appeared to be a normal routine every year, this year came out different. ''Someone just added extra ingredients into the bowl of noodle.''

2. To sum up everything, I stayed home for most of the days. The first and second days were spent visiting cousins and nieces from both mom's and dad's side. Home sweet home for me for a few days until the last two days of my stay in Penang, which were spent with my friends. It went well without any interruption.

3. First trip to Gurney with Borders colleagues, we had lunch in Nando's and talked about works, life and silly jokes. We spent the entire evening in Nando's. By then, the sun had settled down and it was time for dinner. We headed towards to Gurney Drive Hawker Centre. Plenty of food, tables and chairs but sadly, it was all occupied.

4. Well, it should be on weekends. It will be weird if the place is empty. We resumed the original plan to dine at Sunset Bistro. Well, we ordered two buckets of Heineken and that closed the curtain for the night.

to be continued...