Monday, February 2, 2009

Chinese New Year

One week long holidays had passed. Once more, I'm back to KL. Back in Penang, Chinese New Year seemed much more pleasant and meaningful. Plenty of foods to fill my empty stomach, red packets to collect (though not many) and meeting up with friends.I do hope that those moments could last at least longer enough to cure my sickness. Though it appeared to be a normal routine every year, this year came out different. ''Someone just added extra ingredients into the bowl of noodle.''

2. To sum up everything, I stayed home for most of the days. The first and second days were spent visiting cousins and nieces from both mom's and dad's side. Home sweet home for me for a few days until the last two days of my stay in Penang, which were spent with my friends. It went well without any interruption.

3. First trip to Gurney with Borders colleagues, we had lunch in Nando's and talked about works, life and silly jokes. We spent the entire evening in Nando's. By then, the sun had settled down and it was time for dinner. We headed towards to Gurney Drive Hawker Centre. Plenty of food, tables and chairs but sadly, it was all occupied.

4. Well, it should be on weekends. It will be weird if the place is empty. We resumed the original plan to dine at Sunset Bistro. Well, we ordered two buckets of Heineken and that closed the curtain for the night.

to be continued...

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