Saturday, January 24, 2009


It has been weeks since I've posted anything. And I'm back to where I hoped to be three weeks ago. Somewhere in my heart, I feel happy and content but there is also something missing. I could not exactly describe it because it is very vague. Emotions are truly fascinating and mysterious in some ways that we could have never comprehend. It is pure and not polluted because emotions will reflect our personalities. It will never lie, unlike us humans who have the tendencies to deceive others. Imagine how corrupted the world is presently.

2. Surprisingly, the adaptive nature of human beings is linked to emotions. Once your emotions coincide with the surrounding entities, you will adapt quickly. Therefore, emotions are the soul of your body. Without emotions, you are just a living zombie roaming the streets, harming other living entities.

3. Take care of your emotions and express them accordingly and appropriately without exaggerating it. Never use your emotions to deceive others.

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