Friday, February 6, 2009

Chinese New Year (2)

After few unsuccessful attempts to write on the blog, finally I've gotten a chance today. There are plenty of stuff that I would like it written down, but I think I should complete what is incomplete.

2. I spent the last day in Penang with my schoolmates going around collecting 'angpows'. It was good to be able to gather back after almost a year. However, everyone is still the same back in high school.

3. Too bad I had to leave early that evening to meet up with another batch of schoolmates, Dominic and friends. That night was specially to celebrate Su Qing's (my primary schoolmate) birthday in advance. And guess what, It was my first time dining at Secret Recipe. I had ordered a slice of black forest cake and damn, it tasted good but I was adding more calories.

4. I did not join them for movie and went back after dinner. Well, that was the end of my holidays. The next day, I was on my way down, back to KL.

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  1. next time i buy you a slice of cake from secret recipe..^^