Monday, January 5, 2009

My Life

Have you ever wonder how our lives come about ? What are we supposed to do in our daily lives ? Performing the same chores and activities everyday make us think how we have really wasted the essence of our lives. Should we not be doing something interesting or exciting to spice up our lives ? The answer is uncertain. Some people think that leading a normal life - working, sleeping and spending time with family are just sufficient.

2. Different people own various opinions about life. For me, life is just meaningless if the same thing goes on everyday. I prefer a change of lifestyle not in terms of moving away from home but something that are able to bring color into my life.

3. Now, everything is completely shadowed. My visions are no longer able to differentiate the seven colors of nature. They are only limited to gray alone. I no longer sense any colors. It seems that they just faded away, being painted gray all of the sudden.

4. I no longer sense any living beings in my world. Just the sound of my heart beating slowly, and the loneliness within. Tears are filling up in my eyes but I just could not cry out. The feeling is almost dull without any emotions. Perhaps I am losing them.


  1. *high five!*same here
    but i still can cry.hahaha

  2. hm..last time i straightaway cry lo, but without anyone know la.haha, if i know you early, then maybe can cry together with yuo..haha