Monday, January 5, 2009

Incomplete Maze

I called it "An Incomplete Maze." This is where I am living. A world far beyond my comprehension. Though everything is so calm and peaceful, there is just something wrong within it. I could not figure out the problem and still, I am walking the paths of the unknown. The maze is just too huge.

2. Waking up every morning, I look myself in the mirror. Is it the sad or happy face reflected on the mirror ? Or is it just illusions ? My mind is no longer conscious in the maze. I could not comprehend anything. Each path I have stepped on will lead me to a dead end. It is very ironic.

3. Finally after endless hours of walking, I have found a path out of the maze into a less complicated one. Should I walk over into the less complicated maze or continue to search for another path here ?

4. Though I have chosen the less complicated maze, the world still remains complicated.

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