Sunday, December 28, 2008


Conflicts. They just will never end. In fact, they are the essence of our lives. Without conflicts, life seems so dull to live in because there is nothing to solve nor comprehend. It spices up our lives, giving new meanings to it each day.

2. Nevertheless, too many conflicts at once can lead to disastrous life. Everything needs an equal balance, mainly we called it law of equivalence. There must be balance in everything we do. There is a reason why we cannot resurrect the dead. There is also a reason why your life sucks or prosper. 'Balanced' is the key.

3. However, we always come up with reasons to counter these problems. "Why must it be me? Could it not be him/her?" The truth is everything happens for a reason and the reason itself is beyond our comprehension. Our quests to seek the truth will never prevail because it is futile from the beginning. Therefore, there should be no beginning at all.

4. People who are able to grasp this theory faster will face less conflicts in their lives. Once you comprehend how the world spins, you will understand what 'equivalence' is all about.

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  1. "Why must it be me?" i always asked that.LOL
    i still dont understand anyway i dont think life is fair.' w')
    but i believe in destiny.there should be one part of my life that i face all conflicts ,evrything against me.but someday,ill get my way as well.=)

    ps://ur logic is somehow copied from full metal alchemist rite?=____=;lol

    evil coin