Sunday, May 31, 2009


Sometimes, I felt sorry for for my parents. Being over 40, still they are working really hard to earn a living, to feed us, to sustain a family and to provide us with proper education. It is really hard seeing them, rain or shine, out there.
Until one day, I realized how important family is.
Father And Mother I Love You.
There tend be arguments and fights in a family, but what is important is the needs to understand the feelings of every member in the family. Don't go around harboring hatred for you parents for scolding you because they too are trying their best to help you, to guide you down the correct path. You might regret your action one day.
Learn to speak up and express your feelings. If you talents lie in other fields, tell them and make sure they understand. Though every parents hope is to see their children excel in education, it also their hope to see their children excel in the fields of their interest.
Do realize one thing, life never ends. It is a continuous cycle of birth.

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