Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Sometimes, when the machine stops functioning, only then will we realize how important it is. We tend to take things for granted. Ignoring the facts that behind the comforts, there is a price to pay. Similar to our lives, we will never know when it will suddenly stop functioning. Thus, knowing that our future is unpredictable and complicated, yet we just live by the rules though it is meant to be broken.

What is life without challenges;
What is life without a little adventure;
What is life without love and sex;
What is life without embracing who we are;
What is life without living to our very own expectation;
What is life without having fun;
What is life without having a life.

Life is simple but complicated. Just like a maze, you choose your own path, walk your own life and decide your fate. Sometimes, you will get lost in the middle of it, but by conquering your fear, you will be able to survive to find your way out.

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