Friday, June 12, 2009


I have been staring at the moody sky for a long time now. Without myself realizing, my mind wanders off somewhere; to a realm of fantasy whereby the world belongs to me.

Then, you will start to understand why everything goes with a consequence. The world is fair, just and ready to dissolve your problems. However, what makes it ugly is mankind. The lust for battle and power, the unstoppable streak of insanity, and the little darkness in the heart that constantly consumes your guilt.
A never-ending streak of war has been plaguing mankind since the birth of our very own planet, Earth. But, till today, there are people, family and children being targeted on the battlefield. Why? Are they merely tools, pawns that you can simply direct in order to determine your victory? Or maybe as it is always quoted, "sacrifices are needed for the development of a better future." Or should I say, "these are all craps! What you see in front of your eyes is the slaughtering of your very own kind."
The victory that comes with bloodshed should always be honored but what good is that? In the end, people respect you because they fear not because you are worthy to be respected. With different approach, there will be different consequences. Life will never be the same if you walk a path less traveled.

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