Saturday, December 27, 2008

Year End 2008

Year 2008 is finally coming to an end. However, my journey has just begun. Being unable to comprehend myself is the worst thing that has ever happened to me. Though I have made my decision to further studies in UTAR(Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman), Setapak Campus, my heart is still doubting the decision that has been compromised.

2. Obviously, people will start to think that something is really wrong with this kid. Kuala Lumpur and Penang are just 6 hours apart by car/bus or even better 45 minutes with airplanes. "What the heck is wrong with you?" said my inner self. "You've been to Singapore and KL twice without your parents!" "And you don't seem to complain anything about it." Now you're making a fuss out of it.

3. After 19 long years on this island,finally, I will be away from it for 3 years. " Isn't that a good thing?" Well, I don't know. The day for my departure is getting nearer. It paces up so fast that even I could not keep up. I'm fighting with time to be with my family and friends. I'm really exhausted and tired but as long as there is time, there is still hope for me to be with them. Time is precious.

4. Though I will still be coming back once in a while, the thought that I'm going away haunts me everyday. I have been thinking, " Am I the only one acting this peculiar? Is there anyone out there that shares the same thought ?" I bet no other beings are like that. I am the odd one. I am always the odd one.

5. Memories are proof of your existence. Without it, you are just empty.


  1. you are NOT odd.
    i think everyone have the exact feelings when they encounter your situation.
    about leaving home,maybe some people would be excited about it and some people would be feeling vry frustrated,but all of us will feel lonely leaving their great friends and family.but that is way of life,you just have to keep going on.
    for the 3rd part,i think you are doing the very best least that is what me and most of my friends are doing all along.^^
    well,i dont know if you have those autograph book?i guess guys dont have but i suggest you bring some things with all your precious memories with your friends and family along to study.when you are feeling lonely or anything,sad(?) you can always take them out to see,it will surely brightens up your day alot.=) i am very experienced.LOL
    hope i helped.xD

    the evil coin-syilling was here.xD

  2. i also come from JB, KL to JB also need around 5 hours...but one thing different is that my relative are at KL, so that i am not alone...i still remember that i dont have much time to accompany my parent and secondary friends, cuz i am straight away go KL from my NS camp de..the first week at KL, is damn suffer for me, no friend, no family member accompany, no place to you definitely not the odd one...