Friday, August 27, 2010

The Rusty Gold Coin

What does a rusty gold coin signify?
What implicit meaning could it bring?

To be dependent is not exactly bad because everyone is related in every sense. So, what difference does it conclude? Dependency is a addiction, a drug that pollutes your system. As much as I would like to depend on someone else, I'd rather not. I'd rather put myself in a dire situation than to actually believe in that person's credibility. Even if I do, I could not placed a 100% trust. Perhaps, it is my own defects, my own characteristics that made me this way; I barely put my trust on people. Mainly because I believe that the trust will always be exploited for other usage. Thus, what brings me to this rusty gold coin was just a small event in my life. A gold coin that is supposed to contribute greatly to the person's wealth was no longer valuable. Implicitly, the trust faded. The trust has been exploited and it was not just the first time but few other occasions. Too young and naive perhaps, but I have finally reached a decision on my own. I'd rather be a lone ranger. Hunting on my own, living on my own without the existence of people. Somehow and somewhat, humans are really scary but the scariest thing has yet to be developed. Humans are mysterious. However, their intentions are much more complicated, worse compared to the black hole.


  1. I use to trust as well. I don't trust anymore unless a person proves themselves to me. It is funny it is that as humans we believe we deserve trust. Shouldn't trust me earned?

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