Saturday, March 13, 2010


The tour to cake and pastry section. Here we have various types of cakes, including tarts, 'kuai ling gou', etc.

The head of a lobster signifies the grand-ish of this pure lobster-salad coated with fresh mayonnaise.

Tour to the seafood section.

Variety of small plates Japanese cuisine: One of my favorite, 'part' raw eggs served with Japanese style.

Other small plates cuisine: Baby octopus served with sweet spicy sauce. Etc.

Oyster!! Defined to be one of the most expensive Japanese cuisine, served raw and fresh; either eaten raw or for some, a little drop of lemon juice would be best.

Cod fish! Also one of the grand-ish cuisine in Tenji (Recommended to try it out). P/S: We ordered 15 plates of it!

Steam/Burned crab served best when it is hot. Enjoy it!

P/S: Häagen-Dazs ice-creams are available (at most 6 flavors), Kindori and Baskin Robins too.


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