Thursday, March 18, 2010

Another Great Chapter

"Life is not always the game you play, you cannot simply pause; save and load the screen whenever you want." Michael Ch'ng ~ Unimaginable Thoughts

I fell into the deep ocean. Struggling with the huge waves and strong winds, I persevere, trying my best to swim even though I knew I hardly move in the water. Too exhausted, I felt extremely breathless. Cut out of oxygen and the difficulty to breathe, I surrender to mother nature. For the moment I thought, 'How could I give up my life so easily?' Even though many things do happen, it is not always the case that giving up was a good and perfect option. There are many choices out there, waiting for us to pick and resume our normal lives. However, I just seem indifferent among those choices available, I cannot decide whether to continue struggling for my own life or to just give it up. I am tired, tired of trying, tired of being good.

"Today, I finally realize how pathetic humans are. Nobody is worth a penny."
Michael Ch'ng ~ The Book of Thoughts.

Somehow, I do not think that people would go to certain extent to achieve something when they meet the end of the road, a dead-end. But I was just so wrong about it. The desire to find a way-out in the most simplest manner by discarding the most important factor in themselves, self-consciousness. It seems everyone will tend to be who they truly are only when desperate times call. In fact, I despise them but a lot of us are categorized in this portion of humanity; selfishness. It could be a never ending curse for humanity. As lives proceed, we tend to be selfish in order to achieve our own goal; to get what we wanted to the extent of sacrificing other people. I truly would not believe if I had not experienced it myself.

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