Friday, April 24, 2009

Something to ponder....

There are moments in life when you feel down and useless. Unable to perform up to standard as you've always wanted. Sometimes, we envy those who can perform very well without putting themselves in a dire condition. While us, we have to give our best and remind ourselves that a slight mistake will eventually lead to our downfall. Thus, there is no room for mistakes. Not even one.
I believe none of us would want to live a life of full of regrets for not being able to enjoy what God has provided us. Though grades are important but what defines a truly successful person, is not limited to grades alone. It is never a good measurement of intelligence. Do you truly believe that being on top on everyone proves that you are the wisest among us ? Maybe for some reason, it is. For most of us, it is just another chapter of life.
No doubt, being special, a genius, is what most of us hope for. As a student, sitting for an exam, attending lectures and completing tutorials are just the kind of life we will be living. "If only I am smarter....", "Why can't I be as smart as him?" , " How come he can easily score full marks?" These phrases are common. They are always part of you, perhaps another personality being envious of those who perform better than you.
However, we fail to evaluate ourselves. We never acknowledge our weaknesses. Instead, we just blame whoever, whatever, we think is wrong. God created mankind and I believe that God foresee this problem even before the birth of Adam and Eve.
We are unique, born with gifts and talents. But, these talents are left for us to explore. Though we are already grown-ups, but our chapters of life have just begun. We still have plenty of chapters to explore, to find the right purpose, the correct path and the wisdom of life. Thus, failure is never a dead end. It is just another chapter of life to make you stronger, wiser and better than before.
Good luck everyone for your finals. All the best! After this, we'll move on to another chapter.

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