Thursday, April 2, 2009


I will be having an exam tomorrow and here I am, updating my blog after some act of disappearance. Funny though, while I'm supposed to be looking at the lecture notes, I'm typing something which is not related to the exam. I guess I'm just too tired to even look at the notes.
The moment I stare at the functions, my eyes roll around and stray elsewhere. I'm out of focus!
Less than five minutes in a shutdown mode, distractions trigger my brain cells and I'm back online.
Here I am, typing my blog. I will be posting more stuffs on the blog later. So guys, have a nice day.


  1. oh oh..
    sometimes i blog too when im supposed to be studying.

    and yea. should go for something i want.
    having myself thinking of what i want is nt easy either. but i'll definitely go for something i want.

    and thanks for the advise.
    see ya when ya back in penang.
    take care.

  2. itu'ng kok hee...i jst woke up and the first thing i do is look at ur myself like to blog but i jst feel so lazy as u knw...xD
    anyway...since i was so lazy...i will reply all ur post in this
    is indeed too has the same thinking as u r...those ppl were so lucky enuff tat whenever they open their mouth and money will come to them...
    i am so god damn agree with wat u wrote man...
    and also...i really did enjoyed that day when cw and carol came has been quite some time since i last saw u bk in penang...
    with great food comes big apetite!

  3. seems like money is everyone's issue.
    anyway, get a cbox. so much easier to leave a msg.