Thursday, March 5, 2009

Story of My Life - 5th Mac 2009

It has been two months. It is not short or a long period of time. Perhaps, still not suitable to conclude that everything is completely fine over here. Though, I agree I have no complaints and I have been adapting quite well in this new environment.

I came to realize that there are many chores to perform in just 24 hours alone. Seriously, time is a factor to consider here. Before that, 24 hours is more than enough for everything and the excess hours are just simply irrelevant. However, 24 hours a day is a universal agreement. There is no changes to it regardless of any circumstances.

Today, I was in a meeting with HOD (Head of Departments) of Mathematical Sciences together with my class rep and AM (Applied Mathematics) course rep. Well, to describe the entire scene, it was weird to begin with. We were actually supposed to throw our comments on the lecturers credibility and also the tutors. However, none of us made and bad complaints about them.

Frankly speaking, there is nothing no complain. The lecturers are great and they know their subjects well. They cannot be looking into each and every students academic performances. It is university level. Hence, you have to put more faith in yourself. Know thyself, don't lose yourself.

Talking about weather, it rains frequently here. Talking about food, I miss Penang. Well, in the movie 'Spiderman', Uncle Ben told Peter Parker, 'with great power, comes big responsibility.' In my case, with great food, comes big appetite.


  1. no wonder last time you are fat fat de when you are still staying at penang..haha.i didnt go penang before, just wondering their food is so nice to eat??haha, perhaps..

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