Sunday, April 11, 2010

The randomness of life

Looking back, digging through the chapters of my life,
I could not describe much,
It was not much of a life perhaps,
But I lived through days and nights,
Contemplating, determining, and many thoughts happen to cross my mind,
My journey has just begun,
Although I have been awake for so long,
20 years of my teenage life,
Memories are just slideshows,
Limit is it,
I'm growing up,
I'm learning to be more independent as I go,
You should too, my friend.
Life is not about one thing in particular,
Everything links,
They bond,
A line that ties us forever, unbreakable;
Till the graveyard we go.
Today, I live,
Tomorrow, I live,
The day after and the rest of the coming days,
We never know,
Because we never care,
It is life and what we do is living it to the fullest,
To the extent of satisfaction.
What makes us human in the end,
Is what make us one.

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