Monday, November 30, 2009

Trust Nobody But Yourself

Believe me when I say, "Trust nobody but yourself."
The moment that you learn to depend on someone, you have indirectly put yourself in danger. Humans are vulnerable beings, to the extent that they easily fall for emotions and lust. However, they can also be the worst, to the extent of behaving like a monster. They care less about what happens in future; what is important is the present life. This is what we are, the mankind of today.
To put your trust into someone else is easy, but to make them trust you is another chapter of life. Trust is necessary to survive in the society because without it, you will have to depend on yourself and there is simply no other way for you to rely on other people. Isn't it cruel ?
But try to think of it as a challenge, being independent is a good thing. Although you lack of socialization which according to sociology, it might be a hindrance to your life, it does not imply that you are an outcast. Is that really important ? Do you truly believe that those decision makers, politicians, leaders, lawyers.etc. are better than you ? It is your choice. You determine the course of your life.
No one controls you, not God, not me, not a single person in this world. It is you alone. Putting your trust wrongly can be fatal, but at the same time, putting your trust on someone worthy, might just earn you something precious in life. You need to trust yourself to put your trust into the correct person. Hence, trust yourself to do the right thing and no one else besides your own heart.

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